Information service for Ergo Hestia

Case study of implementation of a corporate service with an offer configurator for individual clients

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Objective and results

Design challenges

Implementation of a complete portal of the Insurance Company with the possibility of full content management from the administration panel.

The results

As a result of several stages of work, preceded by market research, a completely new service of Ergo Hestia Group was implemented for various groups of customers. The new website is based on the most user-friendly mechanisms. Thanks to an advanced search engine, it makes it easier for the Clients to reach the desired content. Additionally, the website is based on an advanced CMS system, which allows for easy management of all modules and website content.


Implementation process

Analysis and conceptual work

In the first stage we carried out mouse-tracking tests of the previous version of the website on the basis of which we proposed improvements to user paths. Then our UX design team developed high level functional mock-ups for key functionalities. After closing the acceptance process we prepared graphic designs for the portal screens.

Platform adjustment and expansion

In the course of several months, definitions of subpage templates and key functionalities were prepared, including: point of sale search engine from the map level, including the client's geolocation; advanced search engine aggregating the content of all subpages, but also the content of documents available within the platform. Simultaneously, all components of the system have been adjusted to the Corporate Identity / Brand Book of the Client.

Installation and integration with the Society's systems

After the completion of the implementation and the detailed stage of testing, the platform was made available on the Society's environments for content replenishment and integrated with sales systems to provide a single point of directing incoming traffic to appropriate distributed systems. As a result, in less than six months, it was possible to prepare, test and implement a dedicated information platform that meets all requirements set by Ergo Hestia.

Get to know our client's opinion

In the course of their work, Blue Services specialists have demonstrated extensive knowledge about designing online services. We are very satisfied with the course of the project, its implementation and maintenance. Creativity, punctuality, flexibility and professional service during the project is a guarantee of good cooperation with Blue Services, which we recommend as a reliable partner of IT solutions.

Anna Langmesser, Deputy Sales Director, Ergo Hestia

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