Provide customers convenient way to pay for services and increase Your revenues

Take advantage of our proprietary platform for processing payments in a multi-system environment, which allows you to handle payments for any customer obligations

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Our solution

Accept payments quickly, conveniently and safely

You can already take advantage of Payment Hub - a modern platform that gives you full control over payments ordered by your customers.

The platform's open architecture allows you to import information about the purchase of any product by your customers from the central or dedicated sales system. It also enables efficient integration with any payment operator, payment handling and transferring information about its execution to appropriate external systems.

Payment execution may be carried out in two models:

  • automatic, where the customer authorizes the first transaction on a credit card (or through BLIK), and subsequent payments are already collected according to a defined payment schedule;
  • traditional, where the client orders the payment manually.

In the second case, the platform always reminds the client about the upcoming payment deadline and informs about possible overruns - this process is called "soft debt collection".

Explore the key features of our platform

Payment schedule

The platform can serve as a central place to store all information about the client's current obligations. The solution allows you to import a payment schedule from an external product system (via API) and to manually update it directly in the Administration Panel. An important function is also the ability to send alerts to the customer, which will inform him about upcoming or overdue payment dates.

Customer account

As part of the platform, you gain access to your customer's Account, where you can find a list of products you own. From this level, the customer can view product information and payment schedule and order the payment of a given amount due. Also in the Customer's Account there is a possibility to enable, disable or change the method in automatic payments.

Automatic charges

In case of payment by credit card or payment services, you can set cyclic payments, which will be made automatically - according to the adopted payment schedule. Thanks to this solution, the customer does not have to remember about deadlines and the payment will be made on time. In case of lack of the required amount on the client's account, the attempt to make the payment will be repeated until the end.

Basket of payments

Convenient and useful feature that allows you to automatically combine several receivables into one transaction. Thanks to it, the client can pay all debts with one payment. The payment is then appropriately divided and distributed to the right recipients. The customer gains time and certainty that the funds will go to the right places, and the person waiting for payment does not have to be afraid of delays in the payment of liabilities.

Verification mechanisms

Within the platform, you can also activate verification mechanisms that meet the requirements of the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) law and automatically reject transactions and have them returned if an unauthorized operation is detected.


You have the option to integrate SOAP/REST with any system in order to obtain or provide information, e.g. about the current payment schedule - including the payment status.

Reminders and reminders

The platform allows you to set the automatic sending of an e-mail or SMS message with information about the upcoming payment deadline. If the system does not record the payment on time, the client will receive an automatic reminder. The mechanism is called "soft debt collection".

Support for multiple payment operators

If you want to provide your customers with a very wide range of payment methods - you can join any number of independent payment operators. An additional benefit is also the reduction of costs on the client's side, as he can freely switch between operators, choosing the one that offers the lowest cost of payment service for a given method.

Overpayments and refunds

You can create automatic lists of overpayments and returns, which prove useful in case of double deposits or deposits outside the accepted schedule.

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