Cloud Services at the European Financial Congress

The issue of cybersecurity has been raised many times by panelists and EKF participants. In the context of the current geopolitical situation, the war in Ukraine and the new reality in which there were, inter alia, banks and financial institutions. An effective panacea in relation to security may be the migration of the system or individual applications to the cloud, but also high implementation standards, with particular emphasis on the security of digital resources and data.

In Cloud Services, this issue is a priority already during the first analysis of the client's needs, to whom we are able to offer a number of instruments guaranteeing the safe operation of his business - emphasizes Marcin Bondara Chief Director of Business Development Department at Cloud Services - They are not limited to a high SLA and service 24 / 7. These are solutions that have been used in practice by many of our clients, not only in the financial sector, but also in industries such as: retail and e-Commerce.

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